Getting Started
Collaborate with Team

Working with Teams

We know that great products are not built alone. Locofy allows you to collaborate seamlessly with your team to ship awesome products quickly.

Multiplayer Collaboration on Builder

Locofy allows teams to collaborate in real time on Builder. Multiple users can work in the same project to make components, add props and more.

Avatar icons and selection indicators lets you keep track of what your team members are working on at any point of time.

Tooltips also let you know when a collaborator makes a code-related change for the selected element.

Changes are synced in real time, so you are always on the latest version while working with your collaborators on Locofy Plugin and Locofy Builder.

Manage your projects in the Dashboard

Dashboard is where you can view all of your projects, its screens and project settings.

To enter the Dashboard from Locofy Builder, click the hamburger menu and click ‘Dashboard’.

You can also click this link (opens in a new tab) to go directly to the Dashboard.

Manage your teams in Locofy

Locofy Plugin

  1. Click on the ‘Hamburger Menu’
  2. Click on ‘Manage Team’ in the Hamburger menu
  3. You can invite team members to your Locofy Project

Locofy Builder

Click on the avatar icons on the Locofy Header to manage your team. In this section you can invite team members, remove team members, and resend invitations.

Locofy Dashboard

  1. Select your project from ‘My Projects’
  2. Click on ‘Project Settings’ and change tab to 'Team'
  3. You can invite team members, remove team members, and resend invitations.

Collaborate with the broader team

Not everyone on your team may be making changes on Locofy. You may simply want to keep them updated and informed on the project.

You can do so conveniently by sharing a Live Responsive Prototype of your project with stakeholders, testers and other members of your team.

Your Live Responsive Prototype can be viewed conveniently on any browser, no downloads or log-in required.