Locofy Components

Locofy Components

With the Locofy Components, you can access & configure all the components from all of your projects at one single place.

Accessing Locofy Components

Locofy Plugin

On the plugin, you can click on the hamburger menu and you will find Locofy Components option in the list.

Locofy Dashboard

On the dashboard, you can use the left panel on the dashboard to access the Locofy components or you can click on the Locofy Components tab inside the project.

Overview of Locofy Components

Components Panel

On the left side, you will find this panel showcasing components from all of your projects. You can use this panel to click & switch between different components.

You can also create groups over here. For example, you can create a group called "Buttons" and move all your button components into that group.

Note: The grouping of the components on the left panel does not affect the file structure on the Builder but should you edit or detach the component from left panel it will affect the component on the Locofy Builder.

Live Preview and Code

On the center of the screen you will find a live preview of the components, and below that you will find the code powering it. The component that you have selected in the components panel will be visible here.

You can click on "Share Preview" button to access a shareable link to the component as well as the ability to send it via email.

Note: To open the Preview link and view a component in Locofy Components mode, you do not need to have an account on Locofy.

Controls Panel

In the Controls panel, located on the right side, the components can be tested out with different props. You can also add, edit and delete props, directly from here without having to go to the builder.

Syncing and Exporting Components Code

You can either export and sync code for entire projects or for selected components.

  1. Simply click on “Export/Sync” button on top to view all the options.
  2. The first few options enable you to sync code with GitHub. You can read more about's GitHub integration here (opens in a new tab).
  3. The next 3 options allow you to quickly download the code into your local machine.
  4. The last option option allows exporting code that has the relevenat Story files attached to them for seamless Storybook integration.

Syncing and Exporting Storybook Code

With Locofy Components, you can export your component code generated specifically to work with Storybook.

  1. Simply click on “Export/Sync” button on top to view all the options.
  2. The last 3 options are geared towards Storybook users. You can either export component(s) or export an entire project for Storybook.

These options will download the relevant story files has generated for your components.