Code Export and Deployment
Project Settings
Export Next.js, Gatsby code

Exporting Next.js or Gatsby code

Export your code in Next.js or Gatsby. The exported code comes with full Next.js/Gatsby setup that can be built and deployed out of the box.

You can now convert designs to Next.js or Gatsby code. After exporting, you may further configure your code to take advantage of static site generation, or server side rendering offered by these two frameworks.

Syncing your Next.js or Gatsby project

To export Next.js or Gatsby code, you will first need to sync your Figma designs to a Next.js or Gatsby project. You can create a new project directly from within the Locofy Plugin.

Sync your designs to your Next.js or Gatsby project to view code for it in the Locofy Builder.

Exporting your Next.js or Gatsby code

From the Locofy Builder, you can view your Next.js or Gatsby code in the code panels, and export the code for your project.

Remember to complete the checklist for high quality code before exporting.

Note: Locofy helps you to accelerate by generating frontend Next.js and Gatsby code for your designs. After exporting, you will need to further configure your Next.js/Gatsby settings.