Scripts, Meta Tags, and Favicons

Scripts Meta Tags, and Favicons

Add custom scripts, meta tags and Favicons to pages in your Web Projects projects i.e React, Vue, Next.js, Gatsby & HTML-CSS.

Adding meta tags to your pages

In Locofy Builder, you can add Scripts and Meta tags to your pages in a web project. This allows you to optimize for SEO, as well help convey page title to your users.

After syncing your designs from Figma to Locofy Builder. You can meta tags to your screens from within the settings panel and by clicking on Project Settings, you can add custom scripts as well as favicon.

You can add or delete content from any of the respective fields and press “Save” button to save your changes.

Meta Tags are an important part of the search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. The title and description impacts performance on search engine result pages (SERP).

Title Tag

The title tag specifies the title of a web page. It is also displayed as part of the search snippet in search engine result pages and is important for SEO and user experience. Most most desktop and mobile browsers are able to display the first 50–60 characters of a title tag.

Meta Description

The Description is displayed in search engine result pages and helps the user understand and infer the contents of the screen. It is generally limited to 160 characters.

There are two places where you can choose to insert your script & favicon into your page.


Favicon is an icon that is associated with a web app. It’s displayed within the browser tabs and bookmarks bar.

Head scripts

Head scripts are added to the head section of your page and are run before your page content is loaded.

Body scripts

Body scripts are added right before the closing body tag, and are run after your page content has been loaded

Scripts that can be added

URL Scripts: You can embed external scripts using the src attribute which accepts a string URL. An example is as follows.

Custom Scripts: You can also write your own scripts. An example is as follows.

Note: Multiple scripts are allowed for both the Head scripts and the Body scripts.