Code Export and Deployment
Project Settings
Export React Native code

Exporting React Native code

Export your code in React Native. Build your code to generate both iOS and Android packages.

Creating a new React Native project

To get React Native code, you will first need to create a new React Native project. You can do so directly from within the Locofy Plugin.

Tag layers on your mobile app design

Tag layers on your mobile app design to bring them to life. A wide range of tags allows you to build fully functional mobile apps.

Complete your tagging by adjust settings for Styling, Layouts and Actions. Learn more about tagging in this Tagging Basics guide article.

Preview and Sync your design

Get a live preview of your app that runs on live code without leaving Figma. Get real time feedback on your design changes.

Once the preview matches with your vision of how the app should look at feel, you can sync your design to Locofy Builder to view & export code, create reusable components & props, and share a live-responsive prototype.

Create reusable components and add props

Have full control over your code component structure. Create and reuse components easily with a few clicks to organize your code and ensure there is no code duplication.

Learn more about creating and reusing components, as well as adding props for dynamic content in this guide article.