Layer Names

Layer Names

LocoAI generates the appropriate layer names so the code is human-readable.

By using these user-friendly names, we generate names for classes that makes it easier for devs to understand and extend the code.

Reviewing Layer Names

After the wizard has scanned & optimised the layer names, you can review and edit them.

  1. Click on the "Review" button next to "Layer Names"

  2. Click on the edit button next to any of the layer names you want to edit.

Select and Edit in Preview

You can also view the layer name optimisations did for any particular element by selecting it directly from the preview.

  1. Click the 'Edit' tab on top of the preview window.
  1. You can now click the element in preview that you wish to edit. You can also hover over the element to see their name.

Once the item is selected, you can review & edit the decisions LocoAI made, present on the right panel, with regards to the selected element.

Choosing Layer Name

LocoAI will show you the recommended layer name, alongside the other layer names.

  1. Click on any of the suggested layer names.
  2. Click on "Apply" to confirm your selection.

Custom Layer Name

You can also type a custom layer name by using the input field provided.