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Convert Figma to React:
Get pixel perfect, high-quality code with Lightning

Generate responsive, component-based React code and a live responsive prototype for your web design.

Convert your Figma designs to React code in a flash

LocoAI leverages our in-house Large Design Models (LDMs) trained on millions of designs and products to convert your Figma designs into a high-quality, production-ready code in 1-click.
Design in Figma
Keep using the tool you already use, Locofy fits right into your workflow. Locofy plugin integrates with Figma so you can seamlessly convert your designs right inside of Figma.
Real-time Preview
Get a real-time preview running on actual code instantly. You can also revise the decisions made by LocoAI to fine-tune the generated code to match your requirements.
Get React Code!
Locofy generates component-based React code and lets you add dynamic content through data binding, allowing easier integration with backend API and data sources.
Building for builders
Lines of code exported

Why Locofy’s Figma to React platform

Locofy platform is built with builders in mind. Designers should be able to move quickly and confidently without back and forth with engineers to get the product looking exactly as envisioned. Developers should be able automate writing repetitive and routine code so that they can focus on more complex problems instead. Here’s how Locofy enables the entire team to build and launch their product faster:

Design with ease and confidence

Pixel perfect, Live Prototypes - Locofy lets you bring your designs to life. This means form fields, videos and other components that actually work. Get a fully functional prototype running on React code so you can be confident that what you see is what you get.

LocoAI makes your design interactive and responsive

LocoAI converts static layers to interactive elements like buttons, input fields, etc. It also applies styling & layout to elements across media queries to make your design responsive for all screen sizes. You also get hover effects, pressed effects, onClick actions and more without having to create multiple versions of the same layer or using workarounds in Figma.

Accelerate your Development

LocoAI creates Reusable Components with Props
LocoAI scans your design files and splits the code into reusable components with props enabling you to quickly generate modular code. It automatically detects similarly styled elements to combine classes and reduce redundancies, giving you cleaner CSS code.
Iterate and keep your designs and code in sync

Locofy allows you to continue making changes on the design and code simultaneously.


This is powered by our smart GitHub code merge that lets you easily resolve conflicts and keep your designs and code in sync with a single source of truth.

Available in Dev Mode

Locofy.ai is fully compatible with Figma’s Dev Mode. Switch to Locofy.ai in the Plugins tab when in Dev Mode to access the plugin. Locofy Lightning generates a live, interactive and responsive preview and shows the code it is running on at the same time.


You can toggle between different breakpoints to check responsiveness or interact with the various elements. Download the code with just one click or Sync to the Builder to further extend the code.

Integrate tools across the team

Extensible Code
LocoAI scans your designs and suggest you reusable components with props. This enables you to easily add your favourite tools and libraries to the code.
API Integrations
Securely feed real data into your product by connecting your spreadsheet, table, database or API. Integrate frontend and backend to speed up development.

Start converting your Figma design to React code

Start with designs and finish with code in just a single step. Begin right inside of Figma with our Locofy Plugin, and then sync to Locofy Builder where you can extend and export your code.

Getting Started

Run the Locofy Plugin in Figma
After starting Locofy’s plugin, all you need to do is click “Let’s Go” and Locofy Lightning will convert your designs into production-ready code in a flash.

1-Click Design to Code

LocoAI does the following for you:

  1. Optimises the design structure
  2. Converts static layers to interactive elements
  3. Makes your design responsive
  4. Creates clickable user flows
  5. Optimises layer names for cleaner code
  6. Create reusable components with props
Customise with Ease
Fine-tune the generated code by reviewing and modifying the decisions made by LocoAI. The preview and code will be updated instantly, while your original design will remain unaltered.

Finish with Builder

Sync to Locofy Builder
Sync the generated code to the Locofy Builder where you can modify settings, create additional components, and bind data before integrating it into your CI/CD pipelines.
State Variables & Data Binding
Using state variables and data binding you can easily integrate dynamic content within the builder
Configure Code
Configure the code settings such as TypeScript, Tailwind, and many more, to meet your team’s coding styles and conventions.
Sync, Export, or Deploy
You can push the generated code directly to GitHub, or Download it. Using Locofy’s Extension pull the latest changes into VS Code