Convert Figma to React: Get pixel perfect, high-quality code

Generate responsive, component-based React code and a live responsive prototype for your web design.

Convert your Figma designs to React code to launch faster

Locofy is the low code platform that lets you convert your Figma designs into a live prototype running on code. You can then export the React code for it, saving you 50%-60% of your time to go to market faster.

Design in Figma

Keep using the tool you already use, Locofy fits right into your workflow. Locofy plugin integrates with Figma so you can seamlessly tag and convert your designs right inside of Figma.

Static Live Prototype

Say goodbye to wasting time building prototypes. Locofy gives you a live, responsive prototype that runs on code and works just like the actual product — without writing code at all.

Get React code!

Launch faster than ever. Locofy generates component-based React code and lets you define dynamic content for easy integration with backend API and data sources.

Building for the builders
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Why Locofy’s Figma to React platform

Locofy platform is built with builders in mind. Designers should be able to move quickly and confidently without back and forth with engineers to get the product looking exactly as envisioned. Developers should be able automate writing repetitive and routine code so that they can focus on more complex problems instead. Here’s how Locofy enables the entire team to build and launch their product faster:

Design with ease and confidence

Pixel perfect, Live Prototypes - Locofy lets you bring your designs to life. This means form fields, videos and other components that actually work. Get a fully functional prototype running on React code so you can be confident that what you see is what you get.
Our preview renders in seconds, so you can design with real-time feedback and visualise exactly how interactions look and feel. Nothing is left to imagination.
Make your design responsive and interactive - Get real hover effects, pressed effects, animations, actions and more without having to create multiple versions of the same layer. Ensure your designs and interactions work seamlessly on different screen sizes. Avoid using workarounds in Figma and keep your canvas clean and tidy.

Accelerate your Development

Start with high quality code - Locofy automatically detects similarly styled elements to combine classes and reduce redundancies, giving you cleaner CSS code.


You have fine-grained control over your component structure. Decide which elements in your design should be turned into resuable components, and specify if any data should be populated dynamically using props.

Get code that is responsive - Locofy reads the Figma file to generate flexbox layouts for you, allowing you to use the same code across all different screen sizes.


You can also define custom media queries and easily add custom css for each element, giving you full control and flexibility.

Integrate tools across the team

Support for UI Libraries

Keep using the libraries that you love. Locofy supports the most popular UI libraries, including Material UI, Ant Design and Bootstrap, allowing designers and developer to move fast.

Coming Soon

Bring your own design system

Already have your own components written in React? Locofy can generate code that uses your own React components.

Coming Soon

Data Binding

Securely feed real data into your product by connecting your spreadsheet, table, database or API. Integrate frontend and backend with a simple to use interface that speeds up production.

Start converting your Figma design to React code

Start with designs and finish with code in 5 simple steps. Begin right inside of Figma with our Locofy Plugin, and then sync to Locofy Builder where you can view and export your code.
Step 01

Tag your layers, Define UX and Add Actions

Bring your designs to life - Tag your static layers and turn them into interactive buttons, input fields, videos and more.
Define the user experience - Create beautiful interactions and control how layers should look on different screen sizes.
Add actions - Link up your designs to create clickable user flows.
Step 02

Preview and Sync

Preview your live-prototype in Locofy preview within Figma. Sync your designs to Locofy Builder when your preview reflects your vision of the product.different screen sizes.
Step 03

Make React Components and define props

Turn elements into components and reuse them throughout your project with just clicks. Add props to receive and display dynamic content in your website or app.
Step 04

Preview and share live prototypes

Preview your project running on React code. Share your prototype as a link to collaborators and stakeholders.
Step 05

Export Code

Export code in your preferred framework settings to meet your team’s coding styles and conventions. Download and run your code package locally to view your project with interactions, responsiveness and navigation, just like your actual product.
You now have pixel-perfect, production-ready React code! Simple websites can immediately be deployed, and teams working on webapps can now integrate with the back-end to get the product ready. With Locofy’s Figma to React conversion you can launch your product at lightning speed.

Try our Figma to React code solution now!

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