March 2023 Updates

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In this edition, we'll be sharing some of our latest features to help our users optimize their designs as well as have their designs & code in sync. We also launched some thoughtful pieces of content around responsiveness & code extension that you might enjoy.

It has been a crazy few weeks for the React community with the new React docs officially dropping Create-React-App as the recommended way to build apps. Also, we finally got the much-awaited React.js documentary.

Since generates production-grade React code, we are excited to announce our first user case study covering the journey of an indie builder who reduced 70% of the development time with

It is always a pleasure to listen to our users and how we are helping them. In fact, our co-founder Honey Mittal had a candid conversation on the Category Visionaries podcast about what led to the start of and our vision as we solve one of the toughest tech problems.

We are proud to share that we were mentioned as one of the hottest Generative AI startups by Amplemarket. Check it out here.

Our team curated a list of cloud providers that make it not only easy but also economical to deploy your apps. We also integrate with three of the providers mentioned, enabling you to directly deploy your apps built using with a few clicks.


Upcoming Events

Webinar Alert: Extend Your Code the Right Way (Insider Tips and Tricks)

Stay tuned for an insightful session on configuring your design files to generate the code that you want & some expert tips and tricks to properly extend your code to smartly integrate a database & auth without slowing down your app. We’ll share more details on this very soon.

Expect a Grasping Session from the Best Builders in the World

We’ll be having founders of some of the fastest-growing companies in the world share their journey and the challenges they encountered as they built amazing products. Once we have finalised our line-up, you’ll be the first to know!

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Feature Launches

Creating Responsive Design is No Longer Rocket Science!

We listen closely to user feedback and after careful consideration, our team launched Design Optimiser that scans your designs to suggest improvements to help you get better & cleaner code by cleaning up your layer structure. You also get responsive code with the Autolayout and Media Query helper.

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GitHub Integration for Continuous Development

Our GitHub integration helps you keep your designs and code in sync. Now develop iteratively with smart conflict resolution and continue making updates to your code base and your design files. You can also easily organize and manage your folder structure with our File Manager.

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UI/UX Improvements

We have thoroughly reviewed and updated our plugin and Locofy Builder to make it more intuitive. We've made improvements to the user interface for better readability and spacing and a full-screen preview mode, among other changes to enhance the user experience.

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A Community in Motion

React Bangalore Meetup Sponsored by collaborated with Reactify (one of the biggest React communities in India) to organize a Developer Meetup in Bangalore where we not only met the members of the thriving React community but also our teammate Anurag gave a talk on Astro.js.

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SaaStr 2023 Happy Hour

Our SaaStr 2023 Happy Hour in collaboration with January Capital was jam-packed! Our team met some incredible builders & investors.

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Creating a Substack Clone with Locofy, Airtable, and Firebase

In our latest webinar, we built a Substack clone using to generate the frontend code, Firebase for adding authentication to our app, and Airtable as our database - all in under 1 hour.

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We Presented at Hasura Community Event

We were a part of Hasura’s first Singapore User Group Meetup and presented how to use to generate production-ready React code, connect it to Hasura and get a full-stack GraphQL app.

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Webinar on Keeping Your Design and Code in Sync

In this recorded webinar we have shared how you can incrementally adopt Locofy by generating individual components for your existing repository. We have also covered how to keep your design and code in sync for an iterative workflow.

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In Case You Missed It

Create a Chat App with & Firebase

In this full-build guide, we'll build a chat app from a Figma design using to generate the frontend code and Firebase for adding auth & messaging users.

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Create a Copywriting Assistant with and ChatGPT

Build a Next.js copywriting app from a Figma file using, ChatGPT, and OpenAI API.

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Responsiveness 101

An in-depth guide on understanding responsive designs, their associated challenges, and how to go from designs to responsive code.

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Creating a Responsive Landing Page With TailwindCSS and

Learn how to design a beautiful responsive landing page in no time with TailwindCSS which you can also use as a template.

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Creating a Custom Theme System With TailwindCSS

A step-by-step guide to creating a custom theme system for improved website design.

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