April 2023 Updates

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In this newsletter, we are excited to share what our community has been up to lately and also share important product launches and community events. We also added another blog, where we demystify animations, to our series of TailwindCSS articles - more on that below.

Speaking of mysteries, the React community has been left baffled by Dan Abhramov’s quiz involving the new React server components and how it works with the client-side ones -- it is seriously a brain teaser!

Recently, we did a case study with Ditto, a live video dating app. Learn how they saved 240 hours of development time with

Our co-founder Honey Mittal appeared on a podcast where he talked about his journey, from dreaming about becoming a pilot to how he ended up starting, and the goal behind it.

Last thing before we delve deeper into what happened at in the month of April, we want to share a curated list of helpful React libraries that enable developers to easily extend code and build features on top of it.


Upcoming Events

Community Call, May 2023

Stay tuned for our first community call where we will reveal what our team is building behind the scenes, and our vision, and at the end, we will also have an insightful session on generating previews of your iterations, thanks to Vercel and

Collaborating with React Nexus

We are excited to announce that we are sponsoring the biggest React event in India, and would also be delivering a talk on Expect to hear updates on this in the first week of July.

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Feature Launches

Revamped Documentations

You asked for it, and we delivered! We rewrote our existing documentation to include a new, refreshed navigation, and search functionality and also restructured it to make it easier for our users to become a Locofy master.

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Deploy to GitHub Pages

Our mission is to help builders ship faster and keeping this in mind, our team buckled down and launched direct deployment to GitHub Pages. Now you can deploy your generated code to GitHub Pages, Netlify, and Vercel, straight from Builder.

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Share Apps with Expo Snack

Now your React Native code is configured out-of-the-box to support Expo Snack. With Snack, you can easily run your mobile app on a browser and instantly share it with your team.

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Coming Soon: Improved Auto-Tagging

Our team has been working towards simplifying the process to go from design to code, and we are thrilled to announce that we are improving the accuracy of our existing Auto-Tagging feature to make the process more seamless. We’ll be announcing it very soon.

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A Community in Motion

How to Ensure a Successful Developer Handoff

One of our community members, Ravikiran, an experienced UX Engineer wrote a detailed blog on how to ensure a successful developer handoff.

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Webinar on the Best Practices To Extend Your Code

In our last webinar, we saw how to configure your design files to generate the code that you want & some expert tips and tricks to properly extend your code to smartly integrate a database & auth without slowing down your app.

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In Case You Missed It

Build & Manage Your Frontend Like a Pro with

CoderOne (a popular dev YouTuber) has recently created a video showing how developers can create and manage their Frontend using, and save hours of development time.

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Building a Marketplace with, Supabase, and Prisma

Learn how to quickly⚡️ generate production-ready Next.js code from your design files with and extend it with Supabase and Prisma. Also, see how to keep the design and code in sync with's recently launched deeper GitHub integration features.

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Tailwind Animations 101

Discover how to elevate your web designs by incorporating custom animations using TailwindCSS, starting with default options.

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Exploring Vite.js: The Lightning-Fast Build Tool for Modern Web Apps

Now that CRA is no longer recommended, we explore Vite.js and how you can use it to build React apps and install plugins to make it more robust.

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How to Manage Folders and Do a Smart Merge with and GitHub

In this step-by-step guide, we learn about’s deep integration with GitHub and how you can keep your design and code in sync.

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