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Video Dating App 'Ditto' Saved 240 Hours of Development Time with

Explore how Ditto used to accelerate the development process and launched a video dating app in record time.
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Ditto used to generate high-quality and most importantly, extensible React Native code to build their live video speed dating app.’s AI-powered features drastically reduced the friction of going from design to code and generating readable code directly from their Figma files.

By splitting their designs into components, they were able to easily extend their code and add Spring Boot as their backend, which enabled them to write less boilerplate code and reduce the development further.

Time Saved
Reduced development time by 240 hours by using
Code Quality
Assigned 8/10 to the quality of the code generated.
Extensible Code
Easily integrated a backend thanks to the modularity of the generated code.

Customer Overview

Based out of New York, Ditto is essentially an online dating app that’s changing the dating scene through a new mechanism: live video speed dating. Their exclusive platform and algorithm allow you to meet a number of people with one-to-one dates - no breakout rooms, or massive Zoom parties. Basically, dating without nonsense (catfishing, ghosting, bots, etc).

Their goal is to revolutionise the dating scene by rehumanising it.

Ditto’s Challenge

Writing responsive and extensible code for React Native is quite complicated and even more time-consuming when compared to React. Time spent on this would mean less time spent on building features that made them stand out from the competition.

Moreover, there was no plugin in the market available which can give any type of basic React Native code base based on the Figma designs. The few Ditto tried were paid ones and they were heavily disappointed with the code quality and also the subpar user support offered by these plugins. 

Fortunately, when conducting a Google search, they came across, which not only met all of their requirements but exceeded them.

Solution Overview
How Helped

Ditto was trying to find something which can save time in getting frontend code for their designs and it took only a few clicks to try and realise the value of it.’s consistency in generating production-ready code made it a part of Ditto’s workflow for building and iterating their apps. They wanted to move fast but also not comprise on the overall code quality making an ideal tool for them to generate their base code.

Due to these benefits & improved workflow, they were able to move fast by relying on to do the grunt work and invest the time saved in making their unique selling proposition, video calling, seamless. is saving time for development without compromising the quality of the deliverable and that's what is the ongoing problem to find out ways in which we can save delivery time without impacting the quality of deliverables. is right on target to solve the exact pain point. Another thing I like is they are the only product that is consistent in generating high-quality code and product support was a great help to navigate through any blocker in our development.

Lalit Garg
Co-Founder, CTO @ Ditto
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The Result
Benefits of Choosing helps builders with different levels of experience generate production-ready & extensible code that follows the best practices, essentially allowing them to focus on more productive matters. 

Because the generated code can be easily split into components, it is easy to implement dynamic features such as authentication, database, animation, and other such functionality. In Ditto's case, they were able to add their backend and third-party APIs quite easily and integrate custom features such as video calling.

What’s more is that, unlike other tools, has a deep integration with GitHub allowing you to not only generate code but also easily iterate over it, even after you have extended it!

Additionally, you can easily customise the code with UI libraries, TailwindCSS, CSS modules, and even add TypeScript support.

Ditto’s Project in Action

A live video speed dating app.

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Helping Developers Build and Manage their Frontend

By generating extensible front-end code that follows the best practices and offering a refined CI/CD pipeline, enables builders from different backgrounds to bring their designs to life rapidly.

Fascinated by the consistent code quality and the extensive use of AI to facilitate the design-to-code process, the plugin enabled Ditto to ship their app faster. It enabled them to significantly speed up the shipping process and save 240 hours of development time which they were able to invest towards more complicated engineering problems.

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