May 2023 Updates

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We are thrilled to announce that is now 2 years old! Two years ago, we embarked on an exciting journey to disrupt design-to-code and we're 730 days closer to our goals! Read the challenges faced by our co-founders on this crazy journey.

Announcing the close of our US$4.25M Seed ll funding round and welcoming 3 engineering & AI leaders to our Leadership team.

Last month, we did case studies with 2 of our power users: LiveAltLife - a health-tech startup dedicated to solving lifestyle-based health issues & RED - a non-profit that seeks to end recidivism. LifeAltLife saved over 50% of development time while RED saved over 1 month of development time using

Here’s a candid chat with our Co-founder Honey Mittal sharing lessons learned from over 10 years of building and being CPO at 3 previous startups.

To boost your productivity, our team curated a list of helpful VS Code extensions that will enable you to ship even faster.


Upcoming Events

Webinar Alert: Working with Custom UI Library

Stay tuned for our upcoming webinar on bringing your custom UI library to your design files, thanks to and Storybook. We’ll share more details on this very soon.

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Feature Launches

Step-by-Step Flow

We now have a simple step-by-step interface, that guides you through all of the 8 steps necessary to produce high-quality frontend code.

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Sync & Export Individual Components

Now you can export individual components or sync with GitHub with a new shortcut.

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Auto-Tagging 2.0

Auto-tagging just got better with our new AI model. Experience enhanced tag recognition and boosted confidence levels with many elements now at 100%.

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Auto-Fixes for Inconsistent Gaps

In our efforts to seamlessly handle any design file, our Design Optimiser now suggests multiple grouping options to choose from, in addition to the option to manually fix any inconsistent gaps.

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Auto-Tag Hack for Pro-Devs

Now you can follow simple naming rules for your Figma layers (eg. input/mui/standard), and Locofy will automatically tag those layers without any manual intervention from your side.

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Coming Soon: Support for Storybook 7.0

Now you can easily import your latest Storybook components and work with them directly in your design file with We’ll be announcing it very soon.

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A Community in Motion

Our First Community Call

We did our first community call where we revealed what our team is building behind the scenes, and our vision, and at the end, we also shared an interesting session on generating previews of your code iterations, thanks to Vercel and

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Ditto Won Awards

Ditto - a live video dating app, won the first-ever Locofy Award for building an exceptional product using!

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Building A Telehealth App with, React Native & Firebase

One of our top community members Justin created a video showcasing how to go from a design file to production-ready React Native code and extended it with Firebase for storage and authentication.

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Building & Updating A To-do App with, Next.js & Figma

Ignacio, from our community, recorded how to not only build a to-do app but also iterate over it and make it extensible with's deep GitHub integration in this video.

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In Case You Missed It

Create An Events App with, Figma & Hygraph

Learn how to quickly️ generate production-ready React code from your design files with and extend it with Hygraph as a database.

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Dev YouTuber Nick Created An App from Scratch

In this video, a popular YouTuber Nick White showed how he created an app called CodeBuddy using and OpenAI that explains code to users.

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Serverful vs Serverless

Explore the differences between Serverless and Serverful computing to determine which computing approach is optimal for your need.

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