Low-Code Wins Big on Product Hunt Again! Wins Big on Product Hunt, our award-Winning DevTool Simplifies Design-to-Code in just one click!
prodct hunt 2024 win is making waves yet again in the design-to-code world, recently Locofy just crushed it by winning the Product of the Day title on the launch of Locofy Lightning on Product Huntin 2024! This impressive feat follows their string of Product of the Day, Week and Month wins in 2022, solidifying as a game-changer in the developer community.

Locofy Lightning: An Innovative Approach leverages the power of in-house developed LocoAI and Large Design Models (LDMs) to bridge the gap between stunning designs(made in Figma , AdobeXD or Storybook) to provide high quality functional code. Imagine your design masterpieces transforming into working code with minimal effort in just 1 click!

But that's not all! Our dedication to innovation was recognized in 2022 when we were awarded Product of the Day, Week, and Month on Product Hunt, along with several other prestigious awards. Want to see how it all began?

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Lightning Strikes Twice! Locofy Takes Home "Product of the Day" in just 1-Click 

We celebrated another winning moment on Product Hunt! Our brand new Locofy Lightning plugin, the 1-click design-to-code powerhouse, climbed to the top and grabbed the "Product of the Day" award. Building on past experiences, we honed our efforts, ensuring we remain dedicated to improvement and delivering excellence. Additionally, we're thrilled to announce that Locofy Lightning has been named the #1 Developer tool of the Week & Month and #3 in Artificial Intelligence Product of the Week. This recognition further motivates us to continue innovating and providing top-notch solutions to our users.

Our team’s efforts paid off. But the celebration doesn't stop there! In just a few hours, Locofy Lightning received a staggering 1,000+ upvotes  and a phenomenal rating of 4.9⭐️ out of 5 stars from the amazing Product Hunt community. This outpouring of love and support from users worldwide is incredibly heartwarming and fuels our drive for even greater things in the future. We're thrilled to announce that we've not only achieved our previous user base goal, but even surpassed it! While we're always humbled by milestones, we're already focused on setting new ones and continuing to elevate the user experience with

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Why is Lightning the Future?

While the Locofy Classic has gathered widespread acclaim, Locofy aims to redefine user experience by simplifying the process with just 1 click. That’s why we introduced Lightning, it eliminates all the manual steps earlier involved and delivers all desired outcomes effortlessly. The advantages of using Locofy Lightning are endless.

· Accelerate Development: Say goodbye to manual coding and hello to rapid development. Locofy Lightning automatically reads your design file and gives you a production ready responsive web app without even writing a single line of code.

· Ensure Code Quality: Generate clean, error-free code effortlessly. Locofy Lightning's AI-powered engine ensures high-quality code output every time on multiple frameworks(React, Next, Gatsby, Vue, React Native, Vite) and code settings.

· Streamline Collaboration: Foster seamless collaboration between designers and developers. Locofy Lightning bridges the gap between design and development, allowing for smoother workflows.

· Enhance Productivity:Locofy Lightning simplifies the development process by integrating into your desired workflows(Figma, AdobeXD, Storybook, GitHub, VScode), empowering you to focus on building amazing experiences without sacrificing productivity.

This win has inspired us to push our boundaries and provide our users with an exceptional experience, maintaining our commitment to quality.

Ready to Experience the Lightning?.

Visit's website and see how our award-winning AI can revolutionize your design-to-code workflow. We also have simple to understand docs and tons of tips & tricks on our YouTube channel to help guide the users for better productivity. Also join our Figma & Discord community to get the latest updates.

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