Low-Code's Dream Debut on Product Hunt: A Clean Sweep of 7 Top Awards

From COVID-19 curveballs to a strategic success on the Product Hunt.

Our adventure with embarked with a humble seed of an idea, born from our own experiences grappling with pain points back in mid-2021. Comprising a group of resolute individuals, including myself, we set out on a mission to carve our niche in the expansive world of technology. Our vision was crystal clear: revolutionise frontend development by enabling builders to effortlessly shift from design to code within their preferred stack, thus eliminating needless obstacles.

A memorable Team Dinner Just 2 Nights Before Our Product Hunt Launch, Where We All Caught COVID Together

After operating in semi-stealth mode for half a year, our desire to raise awareness and gather feedback from builders beyond our immediate networks drew us to Product Hunt. Known for its dynamic community of innovators and creators, Product Hunt seemed like the ideal platform. Despite our relative unfamiliarity with it, we believed that launching on Product Hunt could serve as the catalyst for our breakthrough. This pivotal decision was made 1 month before our much-anticipated launch day in July 2022.

The Anxiety of Anticipation

Right from the outset, we recognized that we were addressing a real problem with global implications. Our confidence in our solution stemmed from a decade of experience in developing award-winning products spanning various platforms, frontend, and mobile frameworks – including the achievement of two Asia’s first Editor's Choice awards on Google Play and the creation of the world's fastest travel mobile site. We had a clear vision of what our solution could be. Nevertheless, the path ahead was far from smooth. 

Following an eventful beta launch on Christmas night in 2021, we dedicated six months to refining our product, believing we were ready for Product Hunt. As the launch date approached, a mix of excitement and nervousness filled our remote workspace. But as luck would have it, the day before our big Product Hunt launch, we all caught a surprise guest – COVID-19! Yes, even viruses wanted to join our grand debut. This unexpected twist added an extra layer of excitement to our journey. After all, what's a memorable launch without a few unexpected plot twists? Notably, this marked our first grand-scale launch, and the stakes were undeniably high. Nevertheless, we embraced the adage that 'pressure makes diamonds' and remained determined to shine brilliantly.

Strategic Moves That Paid Off

Our launch date was firmly set for Monday, July 18th. We understood that achieving success on Product Hunt requires more than mere luck; it necessitates a meticulously orchestrated series of strategic moves and the support of fellow builders.

Before delving into what worked for us, it's crucial to emphasize that Product Hunt is a vibrant community of passionate builders, productivity enthusiasts, early adopters, and advocates. It's essential to develop a solution that genuinely addresses a significant pain point for this audience and to have a clear goal for your launch. If your primary aim is to gather feedback, feel free to launch as many times as you want. However, if your goal is to emerge as a victor, ask yourself this question: 'Does my product effectively address a substantial pain point for the Product Hunt community, and is there any evidence or hypothesis that instills confidence in me that the PH community will invest their time in trying my product and supporting me?' If the answer is NO, it's best to set realistic expectations. But if the answer is YES, here are some tips that can help you.

The Landing Page: Our landing page has remained relatively consistent for two years. We outlined the value proposition clearly, rooted in our own pain points. Rather than resorting to vague claims and trendy buzzwords, we opted for directness. We wanted builders who understood the problem to immediately grasp how we solve it. Instead of phrases like 'low code with AI' or 'frontend development for the new era,' we kept it straightforward and to the point: 'Turn your designs into code.' This concise message was accompanied by a single, clear call to action: 'Try for free.' Notably, our landing page was recently featured by Product Hunt itself in their Launch guide. featured in Product Hunt's own launch guide

The Choice of Launch Date: As for the choice of our launch date, we went against popular wisdom and opted for a Monday. Our rationale? It seemed like everyone was steering clear of Mondays, and we wondered if perhaps Monday had become the new underdog hero for product launches because it was commonly avoided. Additionally, we were eager to kick off the week with a bang after a couple of intense months packed with the launch of significant features, such as Figma to React Native codegen. To our delight, it not only worked out splendidly for us but might have also played a part in securing those weekly awards.

Image of the first hour of the launch

The Critical First Hour: Your launch's initial hour holds the key to your success on Product Hunt. Prior to the launch, get your community behind you and generate anticipation and excitement around the launch, and aim to secure the coveted #1 position within that pivotal first hour. 

The Power of Personal Connections: Recognizing the immense potential of social media, we decided to keep it real. With no frills, we recorded a candid, yet captivating overview video on our smartphones in just a few takes, delving deep into our vision and product. The magic, however, lay in the enthusiasm of our team members who wholeheartedly shared this video. This sparked a chain reaction that propelled our reach far beyond what we had initially anticipated.

Harnessing Our User Base: Our established user base emerged as a valuable asset. We tapped into their loyalty, igniting their passion to become dedicated advocates standing by our side during this crucial phase. A week before the launch, our team proactively engaged with these early supporters, nurturing their enthusiasm for championing On launch day, we strategically reminded them at the optimal times across various time zones. This ensured continuous support not only during the first hour but throughout the day, as Europe awakened after Asia, followed by the East Coast of the USA, and eventually, the West Coast.

The Golden Hack: A month ahead of our official launch, we initiated a 'Launching Soon' Page on Product Hunt, a move that helped us assemble a roster of eager hunters keen on being the first to receive updates when we went live. As we delved into the messaging tools at our disposal, we uncovered a nifty trick. By seamlessly connecting this page with our own CRM, we could pinpoint Locofy users who were also Product Hunters. This strategic synergy allowed us to target individuals who not only held a deep affection for Locofy but were also seasoned Product Hunters, sparing them the need to sign up on Product Hunt solely to show their support. While not an absolute certainty, we sensed that the weight of long-term hunters carried more influence on Product Hunt's platform

Backed by Influential Champions: We garnered the support of a prominent Product Hunt hunter, a dedicated advocate of our product. Their influence propelled our offering to the forefront, drawing attention and fostering significant engagement

Niche Community Engagement: We understood the power of targeted outreach and took our efforts to specialised groups on platforms like Reddit. Our presence ignited discussions and piqued curiosity within communities that shared the most relevance. However, it's worth noting that not every platform yielded the desired results. We also shared our launch on Hacker News, but unfortunately, it failed to gain traction there.

Burning the Midnight Oil for Real-Time Feedback: Our entire team embarked on an all-nighter, committing to a 24-hour shift with only brief 1-2 hour scheduled breaks. The mission? To respond to every single piece of feedback we received within minutes. Our objective was to amass valuable insights, and we held in high regard the time each hunter devoted to trying our product and providing feedback. We were determined to match their dedication. 

A Testament to Determination and Strategy

Image of the awards

The buzz we had diligently cultivated blossomed into an overwhelming response. In a heartbeat, soared to the coveted title of 'Product of the Day' on Product Hunt, thrusting our team into the spotlight we had tirelessly pursued.

And the accolades continued to pour in. We earned the titles of 'Product of the Week' and 'Product of the Month,' reaffirming our status not as a fleeting trend but as a prominent player in this ever-evolving landscape.

We even witnessed more signups than upvotes, which is rare, partly because word-of-mouth enthusiasm soared, and we experienced organic traction from various platforms. This surge was further fueled by YouTubers, Tiktokers, and Tweeters who created videos showcasing the power of

Image of weekly signups

Today, is the choice of over 200,000 builders spanning 195 countries. With their invaluable support and feedback, we've continued to make remarkable strides in the low-code space.

Our journey is a testament to what startups and innovators can achieve. If we could do it with COVID and little experience, so can you! Let our story be your inspiration.

Here's a little nugget of fun: In our pursuit of greatness (and who can blame us, right?), as the year drew to a close, we set our sights on winning the coveted Golden Kitty Award for 2022. To make things even more interesting, we threw in a lighthearted challenge to the team: IF clinched the award, my co-founder and I would don golden kitty costumes at our next offsite gathering. The team gave it their all, but sometimes, luck just doesn't align! With the launch of ChatGPT, we knew we were up against a formidable contender and, well, the golden kitty attire remained tucked away. I’m not complaining! 😹

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