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This European Agency Built 3 Apps Using and Saved 50% of Development Time

Learn how Forga is making its clients happy by using to ship projects faster.

Forga is an agency that is using across multiple projects to build pixel-perfect apps for their client in record time.’s ability to generate pixel-perfect UI with interactive elements and UI libraries along with AI-powered features such as Auto Components helped Forga generate high-quality code without wasting months.

Time Saved
Reduced over 50% development time
No. of Apps Built with
3 apps built so far
Likely to Recommend
10/10 likely to recommend

Customer Overview

Forga is a fast-moving branding & digital product agency based out of Belgrade, Serbia. They offer their clients a wide range of services, from UI/UX designs to app development to establishing a brand identity and strategy.

Some of their top clients are Amata, Sosivio, and Benford One. Forga helped them refresh their brand identity and convey their message with visual, engaging stories.

Forga's Challenge

Forga has a lean team of engineers and designers working together with multiple clients. Time is of the essence as they have to ship products on time and meet tight deadlines. Hence, they rely on bleeding-edge, AI tools to collaborate, automate their workflows, and make sure they deliver high value to their clients.

Building modular designs that precisely reflect their design files was a huge challenge for them as they are time-consuming to create, and for agencies such as Forga, time is money as they can work with more clients if they can rapidly complete projects.

Solution Overview
How Helped

Forga discovered the plugin while surfing the internet and decided to experiment with it to measure the utility of it to their business. The plugin offered them a seamless process to create modular and pixel-perfect code from their design files.

The modular nature of it allowed them to easily extend the code and add custom, client-requested features. also smoothened the developer handoff process for them making it easier to collaborate and instead of designers handing over static designs to developers, they were able to now hand over interactive, frontend code.

Moreover, offers builders seamless options to select from React, Vue, Next.js, Gatsby, and React Native with various options to customise the code such as TailwindCSS, CSS-in-JS, Styled Components, CSS modules, and TypeScript. This allowed them to offer their clients code in different languages and frameworks.

As a designer, I've always aimed for a smooth handoff between design and development, and Locofy has completely transformed this part of my workflow. It effectively converts design specifications into code, guaranteeing that the finished output is pixel-perfectly identical to the original design. This level of preciseness not only saves developers time but also reduces the amount of back-and-forth communication between designers and developers.

Nikola Marinkovic
Design Director @ Forga
The Result
Benefits of Choosing revolutionises the coding process by showcasing the power of artificial intelligence. With advanced features like the Design Optimiser and Auto-Components, empowers builders to effortlessly generate production-ready code that adheres to best practices. It ensures that the code produced is virtually indistinguishable from human-written code. 

In Forga’s case, they were able to generate production-grade code rapidly from their designs, and with’s live responsive prototype, they had a functional prototype that they could share for feedback.

Forga's Clients

Forga has built quite a few apps with, namely Doctor Medica, SkinSeqnc, and Moonsama. They are actively using it to build more projects.

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Accelerating Frontend Development accelerates front-end development for builders, allowing them to focus on more complex problems rather than spending time converting their designs to code.

With it, Forga was able to go from designs to responsive, modular code without leaving their favorite tools and reduced development time by 50%.

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