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SpringCT utilized to develop the Free Medical Consultation (FMC) platform.

Discover how SpringCT utilized to develop Free Medical Consultation (FMC) platform, a social responsibility initiative by the company

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SpringCT, an IT services and consulting company based in India and US, leveraged to build a free medical consultation (FMC) platform as a social responsibility initiative. facilitated faster development for SpringCT, ensuring high-quality code without sacrificing efficiency.

Time Saved
40% of the development time saved
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Rated 8/10 to the quality of the code generated
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Customer Overview

SpringCT is a leading technology research and product development company specializing in software development, cloud computing, and AI technologies. SpringCT leverages emerging technologies to build innovative solutions that help businesses streamline operations, increase efficiency, and achieve digital transformation goals.

SpringCT has taken the initiative to develop the FMC platform along with Rotary International District 3131 as part of their social responsibility. The entire development is done free of charge for the noble cause of providing healthcare services to underprivileged members of the community. 

SpringCT's Challenges:

Building responsive UIs was much more time-consuming before, due to the amount of interaction needed between UX designers and developers as well as extensive testing needs. A good amount of time was spent on responsiveness issues observed on different screen sizes and resolutions.

Solution Overview
How Helped

SpringCT utilized for web application development using ReactJS. While building an app from scratch, they were able to generate code for a responsive UI using Locofy swiftly, enabling developers to focus solely on integrating business logic. This resulted in significant time and effort savings for their developers. They also observed a remarkable improvement in speed in adding new static webpages to the website, allowing them to deploy changes within days, a process that would otherwise take a couple of weeks.

Additionally, Locofy's end-to-end design-to-code process ensured seamless synchronization between design and implementation, reducing the need for back-and-forth communication between the UX and development teams to achieve pixel-perfect alignment between the design and implementation.

Locofy's seamless design-to-code transformation and remarkable AI-driven component detection feature have made our ReactJS web app development more efficient and enjoyable, significantly boosting productivity and reduced time to market.

Ashwini Joshi
Software Architect at Spring Computing Technologies
The Result
Benefits of Choosing

SpringCT's development efficiency experienced a paradigm shift after integrating plugin's user-friendly interface and comprehensive feature set, including prebuilt functions and design optimization tools, streamlined the design process and fostered collaboration between designers and developers.'s extensive support for frameworks such as ReactJS, React Native, and responsive HTML development, as well as seamless Figma synchronization, elevates development standards and accelerates time-to-market.

They found Locofy's capability of AI-based component auto-detection to be truly remarkable. Seamless integration with GitHub significantly enhanced version control and the management of incremental changes. 

Free Medical Consultation App in Action

A Free Medical Consultation (FMC) app made for a noble cause.

FMC action

Frontend Development Accelerated with AI's capability to generate code directly from design, combined with its AI-driven component detection feature, significantly accelerates product development. This allows developers to focus more on core business logic and less on the tedious aspects of coding, thereby enhancing productivity and innovation. Its support for multiple frameworks has enabled UI developers from diverse backgrounds to leverage its capabilities. Try today.

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