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Santripe Reduces Development Time by 80% With

This case study gives you insight into how Santripe used to generate functional Vue.js code and save 80% of development time with it.

Santripe has developed a mobile application by generating production-ready, extensible Vue.js code. This code was then integrated into a WebView within Vue Native, enabling the application to leverage the advantages of both Vue.js and native mobile features. offers developer-centric features that enable the rapid conversion of design files into high-quality, readable code. This streamlines the development process, ensuring efficient translation of design concepts into functional software components.

Time Saved
80% of the development time saved with
Code quality
Rated 9/10 to the quality of the code generated
Likely to Recommend
10/10 likely to recommend

Customer Overview

Santripe, based in Kenya, is a fintech company offering one-stop solutions for payments, making them as easy as sending a message. They specialize in providing internationally accepted prepaid cards, which are a core part of their product offerings.

Santripe's Challenges

Before adopting, Santripe's process of coding their application from scratch was both time-consuming and challenging. They had to thoroughly ensure that every aspect of the code precisely matched their design specifications, from fonts to element alignment.

The turning point occurred when Eric, Co-Founder, and CTO of Santripe, in his search for more efficient coding solutions, discovered on Google. This tool transformed the way Santripe approached coding by converting designs into responsive code, significantly reducing the frustrations associated with manually translating design to code.

Solution Overview
How Helped

Using Auto-Tag, Santripe was able to quickly create interactive elements from their static designs. Additionally, the live responsive prototype feature helped them share their prototype (powered by real code) with users to collect crucial early feedback.'s GitHub integration ensured design-code consistency, by allowing synchronization between Santripe's designs and their codebase, which streamlined their project development cycle.

I recently had the pleasure of using, and I must say it has completely transformed my workflow. As a developer, the transition from Figma designs to actual code has never been smoother. has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes the entire design-to-code process a breeze.

Eric Lukyamuzi
Co-Founder and CTO
The Result
Benefits of Choosing

With, you can split your designs into reusable code components with props for easier code extension and readability. Additionally, using the Auto Components feature, our LocoAI will scan your design and recommend relevant components. You can also access these components in a central platform called Locofy Components.

Furthermore,'s data binding and state variables feature streamlines the development of data-driven applications by connecting UI components with data sources. This helps you connect your frontend code to backend APIs and update data dynamically.

Santripe's Project in Action

With the help of Santripe has built a mobile application and saved development time by 80%.

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Frontend Development Accelerated with AI accelerates the frontend development process for builders worldwide enabling them to focus on more complex challenges and user experiences.

By converting designs into high-quality, production-grade code and offering the ability to directly pull code into your IDE via GitHub and VS Code extension, streamlines the entire development workflow for teams and individuals.

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