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Emotional Wellbeing Startup Zicofy Built their App with and Launched an MVP in Record Time

Learn how Zicofy used to generate pixel-perfect code and extended it to add additional functionalities.

Zicofy is using to build their mobile app, aiming to enhance the emotional well-being of millions of people. provides developer-centric features enabling conversion of design files into high-quality, production-ready code. This simplifies development, ensuring smooth translation of designs into functional software components.

Time Saved
60% of the development time saved by using
Reduced Friction
AI-powered workflow to convert design to code swiftly
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10/10 likely to recommend to their network

Customer Overview

Zicofy is a Spanish startup that is revolutionising access to emotional wellbeing through an AI-powered mobile app. Users have the opportunity to engage with “Zicos” – who are like your best friend, but with a psychology degree, available for 45-60 minute chats, aimed at enhancing emotional wellbeing. The app automatically pairs users with Zicos after completing a test.

Additionally, it features an integrated AI assistant named ZicoChat, allowing users to express their day-to-day emotions. The app uses a scientific approach, relying on data and evidence to understand and address specific situations, making interventions precise and effective through their platform.

Zicofy’s Challenges:

Prior to using, Zicofy faced a time-consuming and arduous process of coding their application from the ground up. They had to thoroughly ensure every aspect of the code precisely matched their design specifications, from fonts to element alignment.

Moreover, there was no plugin available in the market which could give basic React Native code based on the Figma designs and provide a robust CI/CD workflow so you could seamlessly iterate your designs and keep them in sync with your codebase.

They came to know about the plugin while searching in the Figma marketplace, and have not looked back since.

Solution Overview
How Helped covers the end-to-end design-to-code process and it helped Zicofy to ship their mobile app faster and also keep their designs and code in sync. They were able to reduce their development time by 60%.

They were also able to create components with props, as well as the whole navigation system, and integrate them with their codebase. Moreover, with’s GitHub integration, they were able to iterate over their designs without worrying about updating their code to reflect the new design changes.

Using Locofy is a no-brainer for any tech startup. We can rely on it anyday to build a world class app with limited resources. Locofy is truly democratising product building and helping entrepreneurs like us focus on solving customer challenges rather than worrying about technology.

Agustín Rodríguez
The Result
Benefits of Choosing helps individuals and teams in effortlessly generating pixel-perfect code and frees them from the grunt task of converting designs into code. This enables them to redirect their focus towards building out complex features.

In Zicofy’s case, integrating into their workflow made the initial designs and iteration workflow seamless. From the start, they were able to rapidly convert all the designs into frontend code and split into components. This allowed them to easily extend the code and add custom features to their app. What’s more is that, unlike other tools, has a deep integration with GitHub allowing you to not only generate code but also easily iterate over it, even after you have extended it.

Zicofy’s Projects in Action

An AI-powered mental wellness app.

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Frontend Development Accelerated with AI enables builders from different backgrounds to bring their designs to life rapidly by generating high-quality, extensible code that follows the best practices.

It enabled Zicofy to significantly speed up their shipping process and save 60% of development time which they were able to invest towards more complicated engineering problems.

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