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Leading Education Provider in Singapore Saved 60% Development time with

Learn how Mindstretcher used to generate production-ready frontend code and go to market faster.

Mindstretcher has built a website for their latest business initiative, MindSparks, in record time by going from a Figma design to production-ready code in HTML & Tailwind CSS, leveraging the power of helped Mindstretcher speed up frontend development without spending too much time perfecting the UI. They easily exported plain HTML and incorporated it into their framework, thanks to's support for various frameworks and customization options.

Time Saved
60% of the development time saved with
Code quality
Rated 9/10 to the quality of the code generated
Likely to Recommend
10/10 likely to recommend

Customer Overview

Mindstretcher is a leading education company in Singapore and has been offering top-notch tutorial and enrichment programs. With three regional campuses and 26 centers island-wide, they believe in every student's potential for excellence. 

Known for consistently producing academic achievers, they are the preferred choice for many parents and students. Over the years, more than 150,000 students have enrolled in their weekly programs, and their mission is to maximise the potential of every mind to its fullest potential through innovative teaching methods.

Mindstretcher’s Challenges:

Mindstretcher was finding it cumbersome and time-consuming to convert their designs to pixel-perfect code manually, especially when dealing with responsive designs. Given the constant experimentation with new business initiatives, the development team found it challenging to keep up with the pace.

Raivat, Mindstretcher's founding engineer, discovered while searching online for the fastest way to convert Figma designs to code.

Solution Overview
How Helped

Raivat sought a solution to save time in getting frontend code for their designs, and upon trying, they quickly recognized its value with just a few clicks. 

They wanted to move fast but also not comprise on the overall code quality, making an ideal tool for them to generate their base code.

Thanks to the benefits of, Mindstretcher was able to accelerate their development process. They were able to get a live responsive prototype running on code right away, which made all the stakeholders happy. They were also impressed by how LocoAI was able to accurately tag interactive elements.

I think Locofy is a great product with a lot of promise. While in beta, it has already been super helpful in our process to convert designs into production code. What made Locofy also stand out is the awesome support we received from the team. I’d love to see Locofy grow as a product and be the de facto tool used in design engineering handoff process by great tech teams.

Raivat Shah
Founding Engineer
The Result
Benefits of Choosing is designed for teams and individuals who want to speed up product development. It generates pixel-perfect code and frees them from the grunt work of converting the design to code, allowing them to focus on more important tasks. For Raivat, meant he could concentrate on complex engineering instead of spending too much time fixing UI details to match Figma designs. also lets you easily customize code using various technologies and libraries, making it versatile for different projects. With features like Auto-Tagging and strong support for CI/CD pipelines, makes frontend development faster.

Mindstretcher's Project in Action

Mindstretcher was able to launch the website for their new business initiative very quickly, saving them 60% of development time.

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Frontend Development Accelerated with AI accelerates the frontend development process for builders worldwide enabling them to focus on more complex challenges and user experiences.

By converting designs into high-quality, production-grade code and offering the ability to directly pull code into your IDE via GitHub and VS Code extension, streamlines the entire development workflow for individuals and teams such as Mindstretcher.

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