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Jeevan launched an Ed-tech Platform using

Discover how Jeevan, a software developer, used to launch his ed-tech website without writing any code, reducing his time to market by 50%
codesklab thumbnail enables software developers to accelerate front-end development by leveraging AI-driven design-to-code technologies. It easily converts designs into pixel-perfect, fully functional code for a variety of frameworks, including React, React Native, HTML/CSS, Gatsby, Next.js, and Vue.

Jeevan KC, a software developer based in Nepal, leveraged to build a responsive website for CoDeskLab, an online education platform helping students learn coding. facilitated faster app development for Jeevan, ensuring high-quality code without sacrificing efficiency.

Time Saved
50% of the development time saved
Code Quality
Rated 8/10 to the quality of the code generated
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10/10 likely to recommend

Customer Overview

Jeevan KC is a Nepal-based software developer. He has a background in various software technologies, from JavaScript to GraphQL to Blockchain and more. He is constantly looking for new tools and technology to help him complete his tasks more productively and efficiently.

One YouTube video sparked a watershed moment. Jeevan discovered's ability to generate functional front-end code for mobile and web applications, allowing developers to achieve faster development cycles and focus on the more complex parts like backends and APIs.

After using Locofy on his design, he achieved a significant reduction in development time (50%) while maintaining high-quality code and launched CoDeskLab, an ed-tech platform for children and teenagers to learn coding and empower future software developers.

Jeevan's Challenges:

Maintaining consistent design elements across multiple platform components was difficult. Furthermore, creating an engaging user experience for children and teenagers necessitates careful consideration of usability and content development. Scalability, accessibility, and incorporating user feedback were ongoing challenges during the platform's development process. 

Despite these obstacles, Jeevan's expertise in software development and's assistance in accelerating the front-end part streamlined the development process, resulting in a successful platform that engages young learners in coding education. 

Solution Overview
How Helped

With, Jeevan was able to get production-ready frontend code and was able to review and edit it according to his own desire. proved instrumental in Jeevan's project endeavors. Through its seamless integration with design tools like Figma, 

By swiftly exporting code, Locofy significantly expedited the development process, enabling Jeevan to iterate on his project swiftly. The platform's features, like tagging and maintaining styling & responsiveness, along with seamless GitHub integration, further enhance productivity, offering convenience in component creation and version control management. Despite encountering occasional challenges, such as unexpected code exports, Jeevan found Locofy's overall usability and compatibility beneficial in his quest to build an impactful edtech platform efficiently. Its export feature was extremely useful for Jeevan, allowing him to launch his platform much faster.

Locofy has been an invaluable asset in our journey of building an edtech platform for coding education. Their platform has streamlined our development process, providing seamless collaboration and version control for our design team. With Locofy, we've been able to iterate quickly on our UI/UX designs, resulting in a visually stunning and user-friendly product. Looking ahead, we see Locofy playing a pivotal role in scaling our platform globally, empowering even more children and teenagers to learn coding and unlock their potential in the digital age.

Jeevan KC
CTO at CoDeskLab
The Result
Benefits of Choosing empowers both individuals and teams to consistently produce high-quality code that is fully customizable with popular frameworks and libraries such as React, Next.js, Gatsby, Vue.js, and basic HTML/CSS. With the flexibility to choose from various styling options like TailwindCSS, CSS-in-JS, and inline styles, users can tailor their projects to their specific requirements.

Jeevan benefited from a live code preview feature, which allowed him to track all the progress of his ed-tech platform from an end-user perspective directly within This seamless sync between’s plugin and Builder streamlined the entire development process for him, eliminating the need for manual coding, CLI integration, or exporting the project. As a result, Jeevam could focus more on the functionality aspect of his project, while handled the technical implementation effortlessly.

CoDeskLab in Action

An ed-tech platform for children and teenagers to learn coding from the top instructors in Nepal.

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Frontend Development Accelerated with AI helps turn your Figma designs into pixel-perfect code and enables teams to ship products 10x faster without compromising code quality or developer experience.

As a result, Jeevan's development time was significantly reduced after integrating into his workflow. Moreover, he effortlessly generated well-structured code that could be scaled to accommodate future requirements. Try today.

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