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Welcome to the first edition of our monthly newsletter!

We are excited to share what’s happening at and also keep our community ahead of the curve by sharing relevant resources, engineering tips & tricks as well as trending tech updates.

Expect to hear key announcements, upcoming events, major feature launches, and more.

Let’s start with an interesting resource for all the UI/UX designers out there. Our Head of Design recently penned down a blog listing the top 10 Figma plugins that he swears by.

In light of the recent mass layoffs, our team decided to put together a curated list of remote job opportunities to help engineers and product designers get back on their feet.

Thanks to our community of users, we're excited to announce that we were one of the finalists in the No-code and Design tools categories for the prestigious Product Hunt Golden Kitty Award.

Upcoming Events

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Webinar Alert: Build a Substack Clone with Us

Stay tuned for an incredible session on building a full-stack React app (a Substack clone) with, Firebase, and Airtable in an hour. We’ll announce the details soon on our social media & Slack community.

Loco Spaces: Building Better & Faster with Components

In our next Twitter Space, we will be talking about how developers can build better and faster with components. Details on this coming soon!

SaaStr 2023 Happy Hour

In line with the inaugural SaaStr APAC conference in Singapore next month, and January Capital are collaborating to host a Happy Hour for the SaaS community!

Feature Launches

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Creating Components Just Got Easier!

Introducing Auto Components & Props, a groundbreaking new feature that automatically detects components and props in your designs. Using LocoAI, you'll get recommendations for code components and props, as well as context-based name suggestions. With this feature, your code will become more modular, and easier to read, manage and maintain, making the development process faster and more efficient. Try Auto Components & Props now and experience the next level of design-to-code automation.

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CSS Optimization

We are constantly improving the code generation capabilities to provide additional flexibility and keep up with the latest best practices. We now generate more contextual class names with meaningful prefixes & suffixes for more readable code.

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Plugin UI Improvements

In this update, we've made improvements to the user interface with better readability and spacing, added a full-screen preview mode, and increased support for Flex & Gap in the Styling & Layouts tab among other enhancements.

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Deeper GitHub Integration [Upcoming]

Based on our community’s feedback, we are planning to launch a comprehensive GitHub integration enabling builders to easily iterate over their designs & ship faster. We’ll have smart merging to allow users to resolve conflicts easily even after they have made code changes outside of Locofy. Expect an announcement very soon!

A Community in Motion

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Create a YouTube Clone with & Figma

Our first video from a community member - demonstrating how to build a YouTube clone from a Figma design using

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Webinar on Figma Best Practices for Generating High-Quality Code

In this webinar, we share the best practices to use in your Figma designs to generate clean, high-quality code with

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Loco Spaces: Build Mobile Apps 5-10x Faster with AI

In this Twitter space, we talked about various aspects of mobile development and how developers can leverage AI to ship mobile apps faster. We had Marino Wijay from

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In Case You Missed It

Extend Locofy Generated React Code with Firebase Auth

Ever wondered how to add user authentication in your app? Check out our latest blog.

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Does MERN Stack Make Sense in 2023 

Interesting read on how MERN Stack stands against some of the newer frameworks like Nextjs & Gatsby.

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How To Create a Responsive Flex Layout Using TailwindCSS

Learn how to create a responsive flex parent component using TailwindCSS and reuse it across your project.

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Auto Layout Basics for Responsive Code

This guide will walk you through the basics of Figma Auto Layout and how you can leverage it to get responsive code using

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Generating Responsive Code with

Learn how to turn your Figma designs into responsive code with in this guide.

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