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Terraspaces is a web3 startup that uses to generate production-ready Next.js code. accelerates front-end development for them by providing them with high-quality code without having them code their UIs from scratch.'s ability to rapidly generate pixel-perfect, responsive code directly from their Figma design using AI features such as Auto-Tagging and Auto-Components helped Terraspaces's team to ship their products faster and build production-ready apps in record time.

Time Saved
Reduced over 90% development time
Code Quality
Rated 8/10 to the quality of the code generated
Likely to Recommend
9/10 likely to recommend

Customer Overview

Terraspaces, based out of the USA, works with bleeding-edge technologies and incubates innovative applications by blending the best of AI, blockchain, and traditional business models.

They are building a suite of apps for their community starting with Moodpen, which helps you get clarity from your mood by enabling AI-assisted journaling, venting, and mood insights.

Terraspaces’s Challenge

Terraspaces is looking to shake things up by launching a suite of applications that uses the latest technologies to help its community. This involves strategizing, planning, and developing technology products that have the potential to make a significant impact on their users' lives.

Terraspaces’s first venture is Moodpen, a self-reflecting wellness app. This app is built with the intent to empower users with a safe space for self-reflection and emotional exploration. They've integrated AI chatbot functionalities to provide a supportive, responsive, and judgment-free environment.

For them, coding from scratch was one of the biggest challenges. It was a time-consuming process that often hampered their speed and agility and would take weeks, especially when they are working on multiple projects simultaneously.

Solution Overview
How Helped

Terraspaces found the plugin via Figma and the prospect of converting their designs into functional code in record times was simply too enticing to resist for them. The plugin offered them a smooth and user-friendly experience and it seamlessly integrated with their Figma designs, making it easy to transition from design to code.’s ability to enable builders to go from Figma designs to extensible Next.js code accelerated product development for Terraspaces and allowed them to easily implement their own backend to the code generated by 

Our first experience with Locofy was nothing short of magical. It's a catalyst that has enabled us to rapidly turn our designs into functional code. For any team looking to make their development process more efficient and agile, Locofy is the tool to go for.

The Result
Benefits of Choosing helps builders with different levels of experience generate production-ready code that follows the best practices through AI-powered features such as Design Optimiser and Auto-Components, essentially allowing them to focus on more productive matters.

This makes code indistinguishable from human-written code. The code can be easily extended to implement dynamic features such as authentication, database, animation, and other such features.

It is a game-changer for startups and lean teams, offering the remarkable capability to generate pixel-perfect code. This invaluable feature liberates them from the tedious task of manually converting designs into code, allowing them to shift their focus towards more productive endeavors. offers builders seamless options to select from React, Next.js, Gatsby, and React Native, facilitating further customization with UI libraries & frameworks such as TailwindCSS, CSS-in-JS, Styled Components, CSS modules, and TypeScript.

Terraspaces's App

The Moodpen app, built by Terraspaces, helps you take actionable steps and cultivate personal growth by giving you clarity from your mood.

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Accelerating Frontend Development helps builders & teams from close to 200 countries convert their Figma and Adobe XD designs into high-quality code.

In Terraspaces’s case, they were able to build pixel-perfect UI without spending hours coding it from scratch thanks to & accelerate their product development.

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