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How Melos Was Able To Generate Pixel Perfect Code With

Learn how church website generator, Melos, used to generate production-ready code and incorporate it into their workflow.
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Melos is an app that allows churches to quickly build a website that provides contact information and also answers some of the frequently asked questions.’s comprehensive platform to go from design to code helped Melos to accelerate the frontend development without spending countless hours on making their frontend UI perfect.

Additionally, because of support for a host of frameworks and code customisation options, they were able to export plain HTML and easily incorporate into their framework and extend it.

Time Saved
Reduced development time by 75%
Code Quality
Rated 9/10 to the quality of the code generated
Developer Experience
Easily integrated into existing tools & code

Customer Overview

Melos is a tool that allows churches to easily build websites for themselves. In other words, it can be summed up as a church website generator.  The idea came to Cameron, the creator of Melos, when he was helping a local church build its website and realised that the template can be reused.

The purpose of a church website is that the website is often the first door that a person steps into. Their frequently asked questions can be answered on the website, and encourage more folks to go to church.

Melos's Challenge

Melos wanted to provide a solution for churches to build a website without knowing how to code and at the same time, make it affordable for them.

Melos was finding it challenging to hand code Figma designs and make them pixel-perfect. Moreover, building and converting design-to-code actually keeps individuals and small teams from focusing on much more productive & important tasks on their hands such as API integration, analytics and building a backend, which was another one of the challenges faced by Melos.

Solution Overview
How Helped was instantly able to generate a pixel-perfect frontend from Melos's design files, and with some efforts assisted by our AI features, Cameron was able to rapidly make his designs responsive.

Cameron turned his static designs into interactive elements thanks to’s Tagging feature. He exported the code in pure HTML/CSS which allowed him to easily use it in the SvelteKit framework.

I hand-coded things for years and spent so much time trying to get things pixel-perfect when Locofy is like my little coder robot friend who can do it for me. I’d say, Locofy is the ChatGPT equivalent for front-end interfaces in terms of ease of use and helpfulness.

I think Locofy is positioned to be a game-changer for not only the low-code, no-code movement but also for those who are full-time developers, saving them time and money. Locofy makes it easy to be able to focus on things like logic, instead of pixel-pushing. Locofy is a companion for developers and not a competitor.

Founder @ Melos
The Result
Benefits of Choosing is geared towards builders and teams who want to ship products in record time. It generates pixel-perfect code and frees them from the grunt work of converting the design to code, which would otherwise keep them from focusing on much more productive matters.

In Cameron's case, freed him to focus on more complex engineering tasks rather than spending the bulk of the development time on fixing UI and making sure it’s a replica of the Figma designs. also enables builders to easily customise the code to use React, Next.js, Gatsby, HTML/CSS, and React Native and also customise it with UI libraries, TailwindCSS, CSS modules, and TypeScript.

By offering AI-powered features such as Auto-Tagging to easily convert your static design elements to functional, code ones and also robust CI/CD pipeline support, truly helps teams accelerate frontend development.

Melos.Church Website

A web app that allows churches to build a website.

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Accelerating Frontend Development offers a plugin for Figma and Adobe XD, so builders don’t have to leave their favorite tools. 

Once Melos adopted in their workflow, they were able to rapidly build their frontend UI and focus more on incorporating complex features into their app.

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