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How Transformed Product Development for Kanon, and Saved 50% of Development Time

Learn how KANON leveraged's capabilities to accelerate its product development and achieve remarkable time savings.

KANON, a web3 collective, has successfully integrated into its product development workflow.’s AI-powered features helped them rapidly turn their designs into production-grade Next.js code.

With, their developer handoff is now streamlined and efficient. By using AI features such as Design Optimiser and Auto-Tagging, they seamlessly translated designs into high-quality code. Also, it empowered the team to iterate rapidly and bring their innovative concepts to life.

Time Saved
Reduced over 50% development time
Code quality
Rated 9/10 to the quality of the code generated
Likely to Recommend
10/10 likely to recommend

Customer Overview

KANON leverages digital platforms to provide transformative artistic experiences, integrating technology and mathematics to create groundbreaking projects to heal the world through art.

They had the opportunity to work with the renowned artist Cai Guo-Qiang to build an AI-backed fortune-telling experience on the blockchain, featuring on-chain-generated-GIFs.

EET's Challenge

Prior to incorporating, KANON faced a considerable challenge in performing visual quality assurance. The meticulous process of checking elements for details like paddings, margins, borders, font sizes, and text spacing consumed a significant amount of time. They realised that this time should be spent on more productive matters rather than doing the grunt work of converting designs into frontend code.

While searching for tools to help them resolve these issues in Figma, stood out among others.  With its ability to create pixel-perfect and extensible components directly from their Figma files & keeping design and code in sync, the painstaking process of manually going from design to code was streamlined & saved them valuable time.

Solution Overview
How Helped

By leveraging's end-to-end solution to accelerate frontend development, KANON boosted their web app development, maintaining design and code synchronisation. 

They effortlessly created extensible components that were easily integrated into their codebase. With's GitHub integration, design iterations were a breeze, eliminating manual code updates. KANON achieved a remarkable reduction in development time, delivering projects faster while keeping designs and code in perfect harmony.

I am deeply impressed with this product. As a designer and product lead who has also been overseeing and actively shaping the developer process for years, using Locofy is something of a paradigm shift. It's low-code, but it doesn't try to replace programming, instead, it accelerates the way designers & developers can work together. I look forward to the next iterations and highly recommend Locofy to anyone who wants to rapidly create digital products.

Sam Jackson
Product Lead & Product Designer @ KANON
The Result
Benefits of Choosing, a powerful design-to-code solution, has accelerated KANON's development process. By integrating into their workflow, KANON seamlessly converted their initial designs into frontend code and split them into components, allowing for easy extension and customization of their app.'s Design Optimizer feature proved invaluable for KANON, enabling them to make their existing designs responsive on various screen sizes.

With AI-powered features like Auto-Tagging, simplifies the conversion of static design elements into functional code, empowering teams to accelerate frontend development. Furthermore, provides robust CI/CD pipeline support, ensuring smooth deployment and continuous integration. offers builders the flexibility to choose from a range of frameworks including React, Next.js, Gatsby, Vue, and React Native, and further customise their projects with UI libraries, TailwindCSS, CSS modules, Styled Components, CSS-in-JS and TypeScript.

Kanon's Project in Action

EET is an AI-augmented fortune-telling experience on the blockchain, featuring the world’s first-ever on-chain generated-GIFs, by popular artist Cai Guo-Qiang & KanonE

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Accelerating Frontend Development revolutionises the design-to-code process, empowering teams to generate pixel-perfect frontend code with ease and efficiency.

By incorporating into their workflow, Kannon witnessed a substantial increase in their team's productivity. The streamlined design-to-code process enabled them to refine their development pipeline further.'s code generation capabilities ensured the production of high-quality frontend code that follows best practices.

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