August 2023 Updates

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In this month's edition, we are excited to share a lineup of our recent feature launches and latest events aimed at enhancing your workflow, as well as the latest highlights from our thriving community.

We are proud to share that was featured in the latest report by Gartner. It was prominently featured as an innovative solution bridging the gap between designers and developers, alongside other noteworthy solutions.

Team Vikasietum unveiled how innovative AI tools, including, are elevating their work. Eager to discover their story? Click the link to learn more!

Over the past month, we conducted case studies with startups such as Where is My Package and Vribble, resulting in over 70% reduction in development time. Additionally, a Canadian freelancer shared his experience of building clients' products 10x faster with – read more about it here.

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Feature Launches

VS Code Extension

Introducing our brand new extension for Visual Studio Code to get generated code directly in VS Code. Developers can effortlessly fetch pages, components, and styles, streamlining their workflow by eliminating the need to switch platforms.

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Enhanced Auto-Tagging

Our Auto-Tagging feature got a major update: Get 30% more accurate recommendations and 6x more tag coverage, including semantic HTML tags such as headers, mains, sections, footers, as well as sliders & accordions. 

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Introducing UI Kit 2.0

Introducing UI Kit 2.0 to accelerate your workflow and help you get better code quality faster. Get 100+ pre-locofied and responsive UI components and over 50-page sections ready to be used.

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Improved Support For Figma Dev Mode

We’re introducing AI-powered tagging & components creation directly in the Figma Dev Mode. Effortlessly tag interactive elements and create components with LocoAI's intuitive recommendations without leaving your favorite design tool.

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A Community in Motion

Webinar on Incrementally Adopting

For those who couldn't attend, here's your chance to catch up on our insightful webinar about integrating into your workflows and tech stack through incremental adoption.

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Learn How Web Dev Cody Built a Finance App using

Dive into our latest video collaboration with tech YouTuber Web Dev Cody as we demystify the process of creating new components and seamlessly integrating them into existing production projects using our powerful GitHub sync feature.

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In Case You Missed It

Building a Spotify Clone: Going From Figma to React Native Code

In this speedrun, we will create a Spotify clone in less than 30 minutes from a Figma design using 

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Navigating between Design Screens 

In this doc, you will learn the two ways of easily navigating between your app screens using and Figma.

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